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Stay Safe

Staying Safe using the telephone

Dailing another number after using the telephone will ensure that the redial function cannot be used to trace your call.  You may need to delete your recent call list if using a mobile, please view the instructions that came with your handset for details on how to do this.

Stay Safe online using the internet

Everything you look at on the internet is stored in your computer’s memory files. If you are concerned that an abuser would be able to see which websites you have visited it is important that you clear your computer history.

The safest way to find information on the internet if you suspect that you are being monitored would be at a local library, a trusted friend’s house or at work.

Clearing your web history

Internet Explorer
From the toolbar at the top of the page select Tools, Internet Options. Depending on your version of Internet Explorer the delete button you need will either be under the “Temporary internet files” or “Browsing History” section. Once found click the delete button.

Mozilla Firefox
From the toolbar select Tools, Clear Private Data, there are tick boxes so you can select whether to delete your internet browsing history or your cookies etc. Internet browsing history is selected by default. Once you have selected your options and want to clear the data click Clear Private Data Now.

Select the Edit menu and click on Preferences. Click on Navigator and choose Clear History. Click on Advanced. Select Cache, click on Clear Disk Cache.

Pull down the Members menu. Select Preferences. Click on www icon. Select Advance, click on Purge Cache.