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Additional Support/Befriending/Advocacy

Our Additional Support Service offers a listening ear and will assist in helping you rebuild your confidence, they are happy to meet on a weekly basis to help you identify any additional support or services you may need to help you and help you to plan how to move forward.  They can also help you if you are setting up a new home or help you in sorting things in your current home after the person abusing you has left.

They can help to make links with doctors, dentist and other health professionals.  Financial advice and support with budgeting, education, training, self-help/support groups.  Support around children’s needs including schools and nurseries, children’s centres and referral service to Children and Young people’s Support for Domestic Abuse and other support services for children.

Additional Support can also include:

  • Going out for coffee
  • Helping someone find their way around the community
  • Attending appointments with people
  • Taking part in leisure activities
  • Assisting in developing an informal action plan
  • Going with you and your children to the park or other activity
  • Practical tasks to improve the environment you and your children are living in