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How you can help – Corporate Sponsorship?

I wonder have you ever considered what impact domestic abuse is having on your business.  Research on this issue came out with these findings:

  • One fifth of women take time off work because of domestic abuse

  • 2% will lose their jobs a direct result of the abuse

  • 56% are frequently late for work (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

  • 54% lose at least 3 days a year (Equality and Human Rights Commission)

  • The direct costs to UK Business is £1.9 billion per year

A third of all incidents happen in the workplace or on the grounds.  It seems clear to us that employers are facing challenging impacts of domestic abuse and that by partnering with and supporting agencies that deal with domestic abuse, they can also be supportive to staff and save money.

Next Step (Against Domestic Abuse) are happy to provide support to those suffering abuse and have successfully done so in the safe environment of the workplace.  If you are looking for a charity to support, either through sponsorship , volunteering programmes or as a Charity of the Year, we would be delighted to discuss this with you.  Hopefully this will help you to fulfil your ~Corporate Social Responsibility policy and will help us to continue providing a top class service.

To discuss this further please contact Julie Johnson on 01283 224024 or by email to