Next Step uses laboratory-quality urine tests at no charge to you. This pregnancy test is labeled to be more than 98% accurate as early as 7 to 10 days after conception. You will receive your confidential results during your appointment time.


If you receive a negative pregnancy test result, but still have a concern you may be pregnant, we welcome our clients to return for a retest after 1 week. We understand how individual hormone levels, the amount of dilution in your urine, uncertainty of the first day of your last period and varying menstrual cycles can all factor into a negative test result. Don’t wonder, come back and find out for sure.  



Are you in need of a listening ear?​

  • Emotional Processing

  • Communication & Boundaries

  • Couples Counseling & Support

You aren't alone. Thinking you might be pregnant can be an overwhelming emotional rollercoaster. We have become experts in helping women find what they need in order to make a confident choice, and supporting them no matter what they decide.



If you find out you're pregnant through our lab-quality pregnancy test, there are options. Your client advocate that greeted you when you arrived, and provided you with the test, will be with you to provide whatever support and processing you need. She will help equip you to decide what to do next and be with you through every step.