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Emotions and feelings don’t have to rule your day. Emotions are based on a chemical response your brain produces following an external trigger (e.g., someone called you a liar). The sudden burst of chemicals form a loop between the trigger in our brain and how our body feels. 

Good news! This loop will only last for approximately 6 seconds.


And then, our feelings take over from there. Feelings aren’t right or wrong, and they aren’t good or bad. No one can tell you how you should or should not feel. This is your body’s way of coping and giving you information. 


Even more good news! You are not a slave to your triggers, emotions or feelings. If you feel stuck,  we can help you stop the loop and work through it. Come in for an open session to figure out where you’d like to start. Or, read through the following programs to see if something feels right for you:


Trauma Care

We are sensitive to and understand your needs as a person who has lived or is living through trauma. You don’t need to know the words to say. All you have to do is show up. You are not alone!

Grief Recovery

Grief is the loss of anything or anyone. It’s like a wave that quickly builds momentum and feels big and heavy as it crashes around us, throwing us off balance. If you have been hit by grief and need help regaining your footing , we can help. 


Processing the loss of a pregnancy, planned or unplanned, can be hard on your body and emotions. We understand this unique loss. Let us be there for you.


Post-abortion Support

The effect of an abortion decision can sometimes leave a woman in a vulnerable or confusing place. We provide support without judgment to help you process the emotional toll abortion can sometimes bring. If this is you, let us help you fully thrive.

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