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Relationships can be a source of support and joy. Relationships can also be complicated.


YOU first! Your most critical relationship is with yourself. Learning to love yourself, to be honest, and how to communicate your needs, while taking great care of yourself is important. Understanding yourself will also benefit your relationships with other people. 


YOU + PEOPLE: The health of our relationships with other people is a balance of understanding our own needs better and seeing the other person for who they are (not who we want them to be).


In addition to general relationship support, we also offer the following focused programs:

Healthy Relationships

Find yourself stuck in a relationship that does not make you feel loved and supported? Many of us are unaware of how to get what we need and deserve from a relationship. If you are in love with someone, but not in love with the way that person treats you – this is for YOU.


Relationship Communication

What we feel, say and hear are often three very different things. The root of most relationship conflict is tied to miscommunication or a lack of communication. If you find yourself arguing about “nothing,” this might be the session for you.


Navigating Conflict

Sometimes we need a safe place to process a conflict or decision. We are here to provide that space for you to find the answer that is best for you.



Sometimes we can lose ourselves in love. Do you find your relationships are mainly focused on the other person? Do you feel your wants and needs are secondary to everyone else? Learn how to incorporate healthy boundaries into every relationship in your life. You can love your partner, children, parents, co-workers and friends without losing yourself!

Co-Parenting 101

You may not be a couple, but you decided to parent together. You can do this and we can help! We can provide you with a roadmap on how to make sure all three of you thrive during the parenting journey.

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